Zhong Tian Development Group:
Guiyang Future Ark Parcel G7

The project is a 180,000m2 mix use project that consist of two 37,860m2 apartment tower, a 22,000m2 SOHO tower. 48,000m2 Mall and 35,000m2 of street Retail. The development includes a 2,000 m2 transportation hub that would serve the surrounding programs.

Guiyang, Guizhou, China

Site Strategy:
The site has 21 meter elevation change on the northern edge and a 17 meter grade change on the eastern edge of the project site. With the given site conditions, the design dictates a design that will accommodate the slope differences through grading. The grading divides the site into 5 separate plateaus across the east west axis.

Adjacent to the southern edge is a newly built opera theater which gives an opportunity for a pedestrian friendly connection to the project site.

The northern and eastern edge accommodates the vehicular entrances needed for the site. The northern edge serves the two apartment towers and the transportation hub. The eastern edge accommodates the SOHO tower, the retail loading and the retail parking entrances.

Design Concept:

The Rock

Guiyang is famous for containing the tallest peak of the Wuling mountain range. The name of the tallest peak is Mount Fanjing. At the top of the summit, there are a series of tall slender like-columns with a large rock resting upon each of them. The architecture form uses this concept and is expressed at all the major retail entry points through the overhanging masses on the southern edge and at the two main entrances of the mall. The rock expression is also used on the tower masses. Each tower is like a column that has a large rock resting upon it.

The Fan

The folded canopy is an expression of the Chinese folding fan. Chinese fan were once used as a tool for cooling but as time passed, fan were used to show nobility and status class. Fans were used as canvas for poets and artist who would adorn them with sonnets or Chinese watercolor paintings. Like the fan, the canopy helps cools and shade the exterior retail space and also helps direct natural wind currents into the project. The canopy is an exterior expression that helps link the main street retail circulation to the main mall atrium. The fan expression is also expressed on the northern mall entrance.

Retail Strategy:
Retail arrangement focuses on the adjacent opera house, which will become the main front of the project. The design uses the southeast plaza and the southwest plaza as the main convergent point of access and the main entrances to the street retail and mall. The strategy for the southern fa├žade is to not create a solid front but a front that allows several secondary entryways that lead into the project

Street Retail Strategy:
The strategy takes advantage of a sloped site by being able to provide two floors of ground retail, which will improve the retail circulation flow. The design also creates two story retail to improve tenant occupancy and lease pricing. Each of the three interior retail street has their own interior courtyard space to provide as gathering area and provides access to the upper floors and adjacent retail corridors.

Mall Retail Strategy:
The mall is located on the northern side to help provide a front for the towers. With the disadvantage of being on the back of the site, the mall ark geometry uses the two main corner plazas to provide a front for the mall. The central main atrium is strengthen though connecting the northern mall entrance to the central exterior plaza. The ark shape helps provide multiple entry points to the podium mall.

Transportation Hub Strategy:
The Transportation hub is located on the northwest corner, which gives easy access from the mall and street retail. The design also allows easy vertical access to the upper northwest plaza and access to the surrounding infrastructure.