China South City (CSC):
China South City Xi’an Plot 5 Proposal 1

The site of the project is located near a newly proposed light rail station and at a major intersection of two main streets. The project site has a minor throughway that runs directly through the site and needs to be addressed. The site width is only 80m wide, which does not allow a lot of flexibility in placement of the four towers that the client requested. Due to these site constraints, it made sense to group the towers into groups rather than having four towers spread along the site. The ambitious goal of the client was to develop this plot to be a 195,000m² HOPSCA.

Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

Design Concept:
A HOPSCA is a program acronym that stands for HOTEL, Office Park, Shopping Mall, Convention, and Apartment. This type of building program has been gaining popularity in China and has been built in multiple cities. Xi’an Plot 5 consists of two office towers, an apartment tower, a hotel tower, and a podium mall with a convention hall.
The design consists of two groups of towers being threaded by a fluid canopy that in return serves as the entrances to the mall, office, hotel and office towers.

The tower form is based on a curved triangular extrusion. The budge of the tower, smallest at the ends and widest at the center, helps maximizes the productivity of the hotel due to the center floor being larger to allow more for standard room floor and service space. The top floors are smaller to help decrease the area needed for deluxe suits. The 4 story hotel lobby atrium is designed with a glass bottom pool for its roof, so that visitors can see people swimming while they check in. The pool is also visible from the floors 07-14 due to a glass roof that encloses the pool area. The upper floors 15-23 floors are enclosed with glass, to allow natural lighting into the tower and to save on HVAC cost.

The design of the two office towers was to create a joint office to help reduce the image of a crowded site. The design group two groups of towers rather than having four distinct towers. The building also serves as an iconic piece that sits at the corner of two major intersections.
The twin office tower are the same rotated floor plan. The size of each floor plate varies in shape; however the square footage of each floor is the same. This is accomplished by the top floor being an inverse of the first floor.