Patterns, Forms, Repetition: Exchange Office
Creating a Social Hub

This project starts with the harvesting of research data concerning a specific metropolis and studying the good, bad and ugly of the metropolis. Following an extraction process, the after image of the city is extracted.

Site Location:
34° 2'26.10"N, 118°13'49.58"W
510 S Santa Fe Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Design Intent:
In the daily life of a city worker, it is inevitable that he or she gets lost in the urban world. There is a growing gap among the quality of the workspaces, the greater one's position, the bigger the office space and the closer to natural light one gets. Everyone thinks of an office as numerous micro niches that one enters their cubicle, their office and they lose their interaction with their co worker. The design of this social hub forces people to change their environment on a need basis rather than having an office that focuses solely on those of senior management. Unlike the Randstad area of Netherlands, which is comprised of several towns that must interact with each other to ensure local economic and environmental well being. These towns are preserving the "green heart" of their region, a link that connects these towns together, hence the name "Randstad", Dutch for "Rimmed City. Like the 'green heart', the project builds a park along the L.A. River serving as a link to the greater L.A. community. The park space creates an urban network that generates interest among locals leading to more social gatherings at the site. The site will be a larger attraction to the locals and also it will be came an urban fabric that ties back into the Greater Los Angeles community. With the development of the park comes new business and urban growth opportunities leading to the rebirth of the district. The project connects the community with the site thus forming the social hub.